Lady in Red and Royal heart of Vienna – Palais Hansen Kempinski

The Kempinski name is proudly borne by a growing collection of distinguished properties around the world. As Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, we are committed to providing our guests with memorable journeys inspired by exquisite European flair. They believe life should be lived with style.

Each year, an increasing number of guests come to appreciate these qualities, as Kempinski adds new, exciting destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. While this growth reflects the strength and success of the Kempinski brand, the collection will remain a limited one, where exclusivity can be nurtured and individuality can flourish.

They really believe that their prestigious, European heritage puts Kempinski in a unique position to anticipate the future needs of the stylish and discerning traveller. It’s not good enough to simply provide a hotel bed and a meal, at Kempinski it’s all about bringing a story to life.

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Essence of taste – Konstantin Filippou

Our work is different than you can imagine. Life is about moments: Don’t wait for them. Create them! We don’t evaluating. We looking for unique experiences, the magic of the moment hidden in unusual places. It’s our job. And our passion. The places we visit are not assessed, we only describe what we feel being there to encourage you to visit them. Because we write only about places we have loved…

In the air you can feel the smell of hot chocolate, mixed with baked chestnuts sold on the street. Behind the corner, an older, elegant woman gives you a smile of warmth and peace. You are in a place with white color. Pure architecture combines here with sophisticated everyday life. You will not find the pizza shop next door. You will meet the best Italian restaurants in Europe. You will not buy a typical hotdog on the street. You will buy a roll with a real Austrian Wurst. If you are looking for the ultimate in entertainment, do not go to the nearby theme park on the Riesenradplatz. You’re going to Dominikanerbastei 17, where is waiting for you magic hidden in taste, in Konstantin Filippou. 

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Sleep with Warhol or dine with Hirst: ALTSTADT VIENNA

Like all the other reviewers, we loved the classy yet funky european interior with vibrant art pieces. We appreciated the thoughtful little touches – the fresh peony, the apples and sweets, the chocolate wafer upon check out. sporeantraveller. But what this hotel offers is much more than convenience.


Sleep with Warhol or dine with Hirst: Luxury hotel wooing guests with priceless art!

Yet hotels are never really like home – and not just because you imagine all the guests who have been nude on that bedspread you’re sitting on. Mostly, it’s because of the art on the walls. Beds are beds and showers are showers but art is not always art, even if you’re supposed to believe it is.

You can sleep with Andy Warhol…

…or dine with a Damien Hirst. Perhaps you would like to undress in front of a Picasso. For a few days, you can live surrounded by great, priceless art… There is such a place, other than all. The Altstadt Vienna houses a considerable collection of contemporary art. Whether on loan from big museums or owned by Otto E. Wiesenthal,  the works by Warhol, Niki de Saint Phalle, Prachensky, Leibowitz, Attersee, Helnwein et al. have 3 things in common: They inspire. They allow you to dwell in the moment. And pose questions. For us, this is what makes good art.

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5 the best Streets in Barcelona

BeFunky CollageBBB

I remember being a bit frustrated when I went out at night. I’d heard all about how lively it was, but wandering around the streets of the Gothic Quarter, I saw lots of people who seemed to be going somewhere, while I kept coming across streets full of closed-up shops.

I felt like all those cool “somewheres” must be just around the corner, but I was just missing them…

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Sea magic – Barracuda


The barracuda is a ray-finned fish known for its large size, fearsome appearance and ferocious behaviour. Very dangerous… But winter day in Castelldefels showed us a different meaning of this name!

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