Massimo Livan – the Father of Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant

Where starts good meal and where starts fantasy?
We know the answer…. You have to meet our friend – Massimo Livan, Executive Chef of Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant SINA Hotel Centurion Palace Venice

His style is contemporary. He is inspired by Art, History, Paintings and by a city of neverending beauty which is Venice. Executive Chef Massimo Livan works at the Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant, the restaurant of SINA Centurion Palace (Sina Hotels). The dishes of this Chef in his fourties are like colourful palettes, finely andaccuratelychoseninordertocreategastronomicarchitectures.TheChef admits: «I love colours, they are my passion in kitchen. The plate in my opinion resembles a canvas to draw on, to create».

Because the dish has to be tasty but also nice. «It is vital to transmit the love with which I prepare a dish also by its “external dress”. The colours ofthe different ingredients and the garnishes help people’s approach with food». Because we eat first of all with our own eyes, by observing shapes, Chef Livan is very attentive to food presentation and mise en table. Livan uses “food” as a form of expression: a manipulable element, source of neverending creative inspiration. As in a game, the Chef becomes the food designer, a description he does not like too much, but that actually well describes his passion for the creation of dishes almost of design. Maybe because the temple where this Venetian Chef creates its colurful menus is a contemporary jewel of beauty that maintains at the same time its romantic soul by playing with contrasts.

The SINA Centurion Palace façade (5-star luxury Hotel on the Gran Canal and St. Mark’s basin) in Gothic Venetian style combines the modern internal design with strong colours, creating various atmospheres. This gem lies next to Santa Maria della Salute Church, between Punta della Dogana and the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, with direct access to the Gran Canal, and belongs to the exclusive Brand “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”.

In this historical Palace, full of history and colours, Chef Livan gives birth to his creations. «Venice, its history, the Serenissima culinary tradition are my source of inspiration. I often start from the study of traditional Venetian dishes which I then revisit, reinterpreting them with contemporary style».

Mr Livan is a 100% Venetian Chef, his family comes from Castello, one of the city quarters. He used to work for Gran Caffè Quadri, the historical Restaurant in St. Mark’s Square, for the The Westin e Regina Hotel (Starwood Group), for Villa San Carlo Borromeo in Milan. «These experiences – explains the Chef – allowed me to grow technically, and helped me to refine my knowledge in kitchen». His was a wholehearted love. He is the only one in his family who has chosen to work in the catering industry. A passion that has grown since he was young, while looking at his mother cooking. «I am sure that a great dish can be created also by using only two ingredients. The talent of a Chef can be seen also in his experimental vein».

His cuisine is creative, light, colourful and prevalently Mediterranean. He is very attentive to the choice of ingredients and the way to combine them. He is very keen of keeping fit. «That is why I am attentive to health also while cooking: wellness menus cannot be ignored, low in fats and only light food». Mr. Livan thinks Hotel cuisine has undertaken a complete revolution in the last years, thanks to young chefs, who believe in their professionalism, and thanks also to properties, who invest on high quality in restoration. To the question »Which is your favourite dish?», he answers with no hesitation: «Risotto». And a nice hot seafood risotto is the dish he would prepare to surprise a VIP.




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