Villa Lina was our first stop during beautiful journey through Venice. Never before on other trips to Italy we felt like at home, like then. Villa is located in Murano, an island in the Venetian Lagoon, known around the world for its historical craft of glassmaking. This family offers a unique mix of hospitality and history, where special attention is given to every guest. Murano is just 10 minutes away from Venice, But time in this place completely stopped….

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Artist Spotlight: Andrea Zarraluqui

This is more than a shopping experience. This is art captured in fabulous, hand-painted platters and dishes, “the world of imagination is boundless”, says Andrea Zarraluqui, a Spanish artist that portrays wild flowers, birds of paradise, tiny butterflies, dragonflies, maritime corals, tropical fish and lush foliage on beautiful porcelain with nothing other than her hands and a bit of paint.

Andrea’s dreamy, funny and colorful universe began when she was 13 years old during her stay in a boarding school in Ascot where she developed a great sense of aesthetics. Since then, her purpose in life has been to paint and make her consumer dream thanks to her beautiful concepts. “The inspiration appears in a thousand places, I see many books on botany and birds, printed fabrics, wallpaper, antique prints, photos of nature, I’m always taking pictures of everything!”

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