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Why guys love meat so much? Bestia

Sometimes you wonder why guys are so different from us women… You like vege, he can’t life without ham. You prefer bio life, he loves meat news. These apparent details never been so visible as it is now, when we are in a world of steaks! Bestia 

Nearly every ad with a big, juicy burger or steak seems to feature manly hands wrapped around the bun or slicing into that piece of meat. But are men really obsessed with meat?

The cultural notion is that masculinity is directly associated with grilling and eating animals.”

I’m a woman adoring healthy food. My husband loves meat. Already I convinced that you can not connect everything without compromise… So it is best to visit a place where you also learn to love to eat ,,male course”.

Bestia Budapest is third, the best according to us restaurant in Hungary. Why? It combines the freshness of meat with tradition and natural taste, which is not easy in this complicated world.

Mining variety of flavors in meat dishes is difficult. If within a week you taste the best dishes of the country, you are very demanding. Imagine therefore my surprise when I received a traditional sausage with lemon sauce. Not at all, I didn’t expect  rapturous. Now I can say that as the biggest enemy of sausages, I became a fan of this dish given in BestiaI must also mention the best pumpkin soup served only at this point. 

bestia BudapestSome of the dishes that we met there, you can see on the pictures, but this what is particularly unique that’s a chance to explore the possibilities knowledge of the well-known taste in a completely new look.

For a person who don’t like meat like me, it was great fun to see happiness of my husband, who is still in love with Bestia cooking, but also surprise, that one made dinner changed my taste preferences.

Natural and healthy cuisine with meat really exists!

P.S.: The Bestia Budapest is one of the few places where on the late evening you will hear live great jazz music!

bestia Budapestbestia Budapest

bestia Budapest

bestia Budapestbestia Budapest

bestia Budapest


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