Magic from Mogán: Casa el Siroco


,,The most beautiful gift that guests can give me is, their smile, their bright eyes that shine like little stars, and their heartfelt gratitude!”/ Andrea Nagel
This is not a place to rest. This place cleanses the soul.
How often do you look for a rest vacation and how often do you actually find it? You will not find this place simply in a hotel search engine in Gran Canaria. Calle San Antonio de Padova 6 – there is private heaven and here is the story about it.

I have the unimaginable happiness of intuition.  Every time when I plan a trip, when I’am looking for places to visit to describe them, I find treasures. I find people who create not only visually beautiful hotels, but also create magic in its pure form. Andrea inspires. With her lifestyle, approach to people, beautiful and unique mind. In a historic house, the former school Casa el Siroco, you will immediately feel that this place is full of stories and experiences. Any guest who will be able to get here, leaves a part of itself here. It’s a place of peace, harmony and friendship. 10 minutes to the sea. As she says:

,,The beautiful life shows here  its many faces. Make yourself at ease by relaxing, hiking, reading, painting, sitting on a helicopter or riding a horse. All sorts of water sports, golf, scuba diving, shopping in Las Palmas, paragliding, parachuting, go-cart driving … and and and I’m sure you’ll find something that will make your life beautiful!”

Tell us how did you find this place?

<smile> It was intuition… One day I said to my friend – Let’s go us to Mogan. Because I was travel around the island, I said to myself ,,Ok. If I would like to buy home, I only can do this around Mogan”. That’s why I said about to visit this place then. We had lunch and then I said to him, let’s go to the village. Next to the church, among trees I said suddenly – This is my place…

My friend said to me ,,Andrea, you’re crazy!”
,,No. This is my house.”
I quickly found the owner in the countryside, he came, we looked through the house and one hour later I given to him advance.

We can see here your work and your heart, because this is really artistic place. How long have you been creating all of this?

– It’s always in progress!
– It change many times. In the beginning it was a little bit colorfull, a little bit in the mexican style. I always change the house. It’s never the same place. Maybe for one year that will look complitly different, because I’ll have another ideas.

Have you got your favourite room? 

No. Because I love all places. Really.

You know the world. You have visited almost the whole world… Where do you find inspiration the most?

I think, I can found inspiration in everything. When you travel a lot, you can see another cultures. another way to living. I love also magazines and people inspire me so much too! So I think it’s difficult to say that you can find inspiration in one country only. I absorb it and do my own.

I never follow for example fashion trends, because I have my own style, my own heart here.

,,Whole world is inspiration!”

You are ,,an international” and artistic woman. You live in a small town among typical Spanish people. How much difference do you see in the way of thinking? 

I love my village! <smile>
I love people here and I love them because they are very basic. They’re very helpful, they love to love, they’re very friendly and that’s why I love them so much. I’m an introvert. This is my oasis. When I go out from there, everything is different.

Exactly. If you could choose a different place to live, where would it be?
… Or maybe only this one!

No No No!
Let’s say, I love Turkey very much. We don’t talking about politics, but for woman it’s very difficult and about the politics situation – we don’t have to talk about. I love Marrakesh, but it’s also not a country for woman…
But I love this place. Other choice will be Guatemala, Antigua.

What can we wish you at this moment?

I have many dreams, but I think I’ve full my dreams in the moment. I wish for example…. Oh no, I can’t tell you! I have many possibilities here, it’s very important to me, to give people something nice.

,,the world is very cruel.  And here, in this oasis people can relax, recover, reject stress. Later, after a few days they are completely different. I like to give some magic. In exchange I have so many beautiful people here.  It makes me happy”

People chase for wealth, money, to be rich… I hate this all!

Last question – how in a few words will you describe this place?

It’s magic <smile>
It’s my magic. My fairytale place.

…For us, I wish more magical places like this one, on the way of iEspressoLIFE. 

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