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What is the best in travel? I think it would be the view, smell of the summer, calmness and easiness. Sometimes  you’re lucky and you get to know people who show you a completely different side of travel, a completely different picture of the place where you are now. Massimo, who we would like to introduce you today is one of the most unusual culinary enthusiasts who we ever meet. And definitely one of the most passionate of life….

Culinary life of milan wakes up until about 19 pm – Quite late. We come there earlier when were there no guests. Ex Mauri is a restaurant located in the heart of Milan, next to Boeri Studio’s Bosco Verticale vertical forest. There we meet the owner – Massimo.

What comes to mind first about this place? FRESH! Every three-four months the restaurant’s menu is total change. Why? Due to the richness of seasonal products which are created dishes. The philosophy of the company is 100% natural, fresh and healthy ingredients. 

Sciacca – Massimo’s Hometown, which significantly affected the existence of ExMauri. This quaint seaside village in southern Italy it’s the cradle of the best tomatoes ripened in the southern sun, the best olive oils and of course – some of the best fish. Massimo never buys vegetables – all comes from natural, proven plantation.

This unique restaurant has more than ten years. It is the quintessential Italian flavors and fragrances, unparalleled anywhere else in the vicinity. Crossing the threshold of the premises, you feel like in another world. Every detail, casually is an intricately planned. All his design was created from scratch, according to his own vision of Massimo. You will see here unique old lamps from the 30-ties, vintage furniture, found in the bazaars and small shops, english antique bookcase from Massimo friends – in one word, everything what has antique soul. As he says: ,,..peace of his heart…”. 

The existence of ExMauri comes from many years of experience of the owner in the restaurant business abroad, particularly in New York, London, Switzerland, Queen Elizabeth 2 and more. Back in Italy he decided to offer customers a special service, with a proper balance between quality and price.


Chef mixed all flavors – flowers, fruits, fish, meats… Each month in the calendar gives something different to restaurant. For example:

October – rice from Vercelli (in Massimo restaurant I ate the best risotto on earth! What’s interesting – his main achievement was remarkable rice, from the most popular Italian rise plantation)

November and December – 100% natural olive oil from Massimo hometown (in southern italy grow oldest, more than 200 year old trees!)

,,It’s not about what exactly you like. You can enjoy the splendor or elegance. Minimalism or abundance. It is important that you feel that you are in a unique place, You recognize that something unusual, unknown so far. The creation of such a place has been my dream since the age of 13″

A rich culinary experience, gained across the world, including London’s Ritz Hotel gives the owner field of dreams and wide plans. In the more than century-old building created a place for people looking for new experiences. To confirm this I have to say something about our surprise. In one moment, Massimo discovered the cover protecting the floor, and our eyes appeared a huge vineyard right under our feet, with the glass ceiling. I will not describe the food – you have to get to know personally. You should ask the owner for recommendations dishes of the day. Choose great!

The moment for knowledge of the restaurant philosophy, for an interview with the owner, for glass of wine, and was five hours later! Time there runs much faster. This is due to the extraordinary Massimo personality who accompanied us this evening.

Sentence ,,peace of his heart” takes on a whole different meaning when you know the history of the place. Every detail of the restaurant, each glass, each chair has its own unusual story. This collection of little stories created one of the best places in Milan, which you can not miss!


For this the Osteria over the years has gone through constant transformation until the result we can see today: a place designed as a very rich cellar, like a traditional meeting place for friends to share with genuine food and good wine.

ExMauri wanted to create a welcoming environment by restoring the ancient traces left by the local historian: an old wine cellar that can be glimpsed through a porthole in the floor and an old fireplace discovered during the renovation works at the center of the room.

The constant search for genuine ingredients always led us to make a small selection of products that are used and offered in the Osteria with its own brand, as the Oil DOP Extra Virgin Category Superior coming from the ancient olive trees form Tenuta Santa Maria in Sciacca.










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