Funky Gourmet: Mystery has a lot of names…


A moment of real magic. Let us surprise you!

The tradition is predictable. In France we say ,,tradition prévisible”. Today, what is modern, different and varied is desirable. People expect a surprise at every level of life. So, we have got somethink for you. See the biggest Athens mystery for us…

We were looking for the Paramythias 13 street in Athens. It seemed that we got there, but it was nowhere the name of Funky Gourmet, the restaurant we were looking for. To our surprise,  the restaurant found us…

Mystery has a lot of names. Doesn’t matter where are you living now, who are you or what are you looking for in your life. Mystery has a different name to every human.

But…. There are aspects of life, that are familiar to all. You know the taste of potatoes and thats not a mystery. You know the smell of boiled milk and thats not a mystery. You know that if you eat garlic, other people may not like your scent 🙂 And thats not a mystery… So, You might ask, what exactly I’m talking about? ,,Food is not a mystery”.  Try to imagine the taste of vegetables hidden in a white sorbet: Snow-white granita that actually encapsulates all the flavours of a Greek salad – tomatoes, cucumber, Feta cheese and olives… Or, mixed green salad with spring flowers and incredible crispness…

Preparing this article, I long wondered how to describe our dinner. I thought that the experience which offers Two Michelin Stars winner Funky Gourmet Restaurant, is so unusual that you can not describe it with words, you have to feel it yourself. Imagine the taste of the magic hidden in small culinary works.

The depth of taste, the smell of mystery and BIG SURPRISES…

Who are the chefs? Hiliadaki and Roussos met at the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, before working in restaurants in the US, Holland and Spain, including El Bulli. They opened Funky Gourmet with restaurant manager Argyro Hiliadaki in 2009.

A visit to this extraordinary place made us realize, how important is just infatuation of one moment. One moment enchants you for a long time. It’s great that in the world are so unexplored places, concealing real magic.


Apart from the huge culinary skills of chefs, Funky Gourmet through the mysteries of flavors takes you to the world of best taste quintessence, definitely needed to know during your stay in Athens!











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