HOSTARIA DA FRANZ – taste pearl of Venice


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pit, Nicholas Cage, Monica Bellucci, Roberto Cavalli… the list is really long. These names combine a common journey in Venice. Travel journey, by the best restaurant in town.. We met the charm of Hostaria da Franz personally and we are delighted to this day.
In Venezia Castello, on the Salizada San Antonin Street is a hidden place. You will not find it just like that. But worth is looking for….

Qui veut voyager loin ménage sa monture. Ou de l’estomac….. It is the French adage: Who wants to travel far, is preparing own transport. Or stomach… Tasting is the gratest form of travel what a human invented. Every new taste is a new journey. This is a new discovery. When I crossed the threshold of Hostaria da Franz – I knew it will be unique trip and this train was carrying a lot of Stars.

Restaurant „Hostaria da Franz” takes its name from Franz Habeler,  Austro-Hungarian army soldier who adopted Venice as his home in the end of the ‚800. After 30 years in the original establishment in Biennale area the Gasparini family are transferred in a new place in Arsenale much more in center town but in the same time in a not tourist area.
Today, Hostaria da Franz has become one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Venice, signaled by the best gastronomical guides, where a lot of celebrities visiting Venice loves to go. Maurizio Gasparini takes from the father Chef Gianfranco the passion for the tradition and the history of the magnificents islands.

Today, he’s running the Hostaria following the only 36 guests
he can receive in the small elegant dining room.

A young expert kitchen Staff follow the daily suggestions of the famous Rialto market and prepare a fish menu based on the local traditions but also with a special touch of the Chef not loosing the respect of the strictly local products they use.

As I mentioned, a visit in this place is a journey. It’s typical for the best restaurants in the world… Maurizio is holding in the hands success of the restaurant. Long, worldwide experience combined with passion. His restaurants visit celebrities from all over the world but it doesn’t matter to him. He all new restaurant visitor greets with respect and smile. You feel special there thanks to him. Even if your trip was to last a few moments, you have to visit him. You must feel the taste of the world what is UNIQUE right over there. If you’ll have lucky, hit on the ,,mueke” season. Hostaria Da Franz offers excellent traditional Venetian cuisine. You should definitely try it in the evening, at the candle light. Freshness of the Lagoon in the most stringent Venetian tradition combining alternatives of sought-after creativity.

Try their crabs and experience the taste of the most beautiful journey!

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