Monte-Carlo In Style: Hotel de Paris

If you’re considering a trip to Monaco and looking for the quintessential Monte-Carlo experience, you won’t do any better than a stay at Hotel de Paris. Though it’s extravagantly expensive, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more authentically five-star lodgings anywhere on the Mediterranean, and it’s also an excellent place from which to explore Monte-Carlo.

Your Stay

The best way to express the actual lodgings at Hotel de Paris is to direct you to the rooms and suites listed at the venue’s website. Because of the hotel’s placement in the city, you have the option of looking for a room with either a city or seaside view (or a little bit of both), and you can also narrow down your options based on whether you’d like a patio or a terrace. The most affordable options – the Superior Rooms – are contemporary and beautifully arranged with their own patio views, and go for a little over €400/night. On the higher end, a full suite with its own terrace and seaside view will run about €2640/night. And, for the real high rollers or larger parties, the best accommodations at the hotel come in the form of the Diamond Suite Princess Grace – which goes for an incredible €30000/night. Clearly there’s quite a range, but as you might expect at a hotel like this every room from the Superior Room on up is fairly extravagant in its own right.

Amenities & Attractions

For the prices you just saw for the Hotel de Paris rooms, you get more than just a comfortable bed and a pretty bedroom. The hotel also comes with plenty of wonderful amenities and attractions that can just about make you feel as if you own your own seaside Mediterranean palace. A gorgeous pool area and private beach, complete with tented beach cabins and staff service, are certainly among the highlights. There is also an extravagant four-story spa, called Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, that you might just not want to leave, both because the facilities are extraordinary and because the staff is there to help with every aspect of personal health and wellness.

Additionally, while there are a lot of great places to eat out and about in Monte-Carlo, some of the best options are within the hotel. Le Louis XV by Alain Ducasse is the main attraction. It was given a massive makeover in 2015, following one or two reviews citing a slip in standards, and can now rightly be called one of the finer dining venues in Europe. Le Grill is another very tasty (and significantly more affordable) option located on the hotel’s 8th floor and offering outdoor dining with sensational views. And Le Bar Americain is another highlight if you’re on the hunt for a slightly more casual option without losing any of that Monte-Carlo feel.

Nearby Attractions

Monte-Carlo is fairly compact, so truth be told you specific accommodations don’t affect your broader tourism too dramatically. With that said, Hotel de Paris does happen to be quite close to some of the city’s main attractions (aside from the beach).

Most notably that means Casino Monte-Carlo, which is just across the square from the hotel. Some might be surprised to learn that this is still a main attraction, given the widespread modernization of casino gaming. Based largely in the UK, the online gambling business now allows players to find dozens of the most popular games at any of a range of sites at their own convenience. This explosion in online gaming hasn’t supplanted the truly classic venues, however, and Casino Monte-Carlo is about as classic as it gets. It’s an extravagant old-world casino where you can still dress up and sip a cocktail at the card tables and not feel out of place or silly.

There are also some other major city attractions in close proximity to the hotel. The Opéra de Monte-Carlo is an incredible 19th century opera and theatre venue that more or less shares a complex with the casino. And some of the most high-end shops in town – Bottega Veneta, CHANEL Mode Monte-Carlo, and Louis Vuitton Monaco – are also within walking distance. Finally, you can also cross the square to Café de Paris, which may just be the most famous restaurant in town. Some will argue you can’t come to Monaco without stopping by.