Marketing recommendation is the most popular and most effective medium of promotion. Taking this opportunity, we created a magazine whose task is to examine the best holiday destinations in the world. See our way searching for the top 100 European destinations!

,,Many of small things has been made large
by the right kind of advertising”

In our plan is to compose a list of 100 the best places in Europe. Hotels, Restaurants, SPA Resorts and more. All tested and opinion given on the basis of our own experience. iEspressoLIFE quality award is our own reward awarded this unique place, which stay for long in our memory and which about we want to share with our customers.

Of all the places which we visit, we give awards to this unique!

Hotel Luxury Awards

Awards are presented to luxury hotels in different categories.

iEspressoLIFE Quality Awards aim to encourage and raise service standards within the luxury hotel industry.


o   We aim to recognise and celebrate service excellence

o   To reward the key players who deliver excellence in the hotel industry and provide these luxury hotels with extra credibility

o   To give the industry motivation to aspire to and give them a cause to celebrate

& the most important:

o     Showing our own experience from this place!


  • Giving staff the recognition they deserve
  • Creating international networking opportunities
  • Providing the possibility of a fresh stream of hotel customers


Restaurant AwardsWe reward:

o    A good place to stop on your journey, indicating a very good restaurant in its category, offering cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard

o    A restaurant worth a detour, indicating excellent cuisine and skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality

o    A restaurant worth a special journey, indicating exceptional cuisine where
diners eat extremely well, often superbly. Distinctive dishes are precisely executed, using superlative ingredients