Style Spotlight: Lombardy


When you think about place from your dream you think PASSION, DREAM, RELAX, TIME TO YOUR SOUL… You have many words to describe a dream that hides your imagination. Despite my passion for the exotic, I was always thinking about Italy. My journey started already in the Polish photographic studio…

On a rainy and windy spring day, I visited ,,Deszcz Studio” – one of the most popular place for photo shoots in Warsaw. My eyes appeared unusual model exposing unique projects. Borderline is an avant-garde brand for women who are bored with the common trend of minimalism. Offer unique clothing with a note of fantasy that emphasize your exceptional personality. In the unobvious cuts you can meet the inspirations we got from arts, nature and delusive feminine temper. Brand consists of fashion experiments that let you set your own boundaries. And… how about exceeding them one day? Immediately in my head this collection fit for the direction – Italy.  A special place requires special fixtures.


There’s nothing like summer in the city, with outdoor films, concerts in the park and food, drinks being had on rooftops rather than sidewalks, but come the weekend the real fun begins when you head to the Como Lake. Close enough to jet to by car or train, but far enough to seem a world away. This town lures all of the top chefs, musicians, city talent and personalities to its shores for beaching by day and dining and dancing by night, it’s the perfect pairing of relax and revive.

Wake up to brunch on the patio with a fresh, local, and sustainable menu and organic coffee imported all the way from Sicily. After your appetite is sated hit the lake shore for afternoon diving into a good book with sun and sand, or jump in the car to one of the nearby vineyards for an afternoon of tours and wine tasting…

A number of artists also escape to the Como Lake for the summer, looking for peace and quiet. For example: During one of the trips to the hill, came to us unique sound of the violin. It was a fairy tale for our ears and joy for the imagination.  Thanks to such details, it is the place takes on a real magic, impossible to describe in words.

In the evening, you will not be able to resist walks between italian trees with the glass of whine and radiance of the stars above you.

Rising Sun – Italy street essential

Without a doubt, Italy is one of the most fashionable places – everybody knows that. But seriously – I have never before in my life seen so many stylish people in one place! Within five minutes We met 25 mens in perfects suits. Perhaps it is thanks to Milan, perhaps simply the Italian sense of taste? I could feel all the more special, wearing the real Italian quality of Polish designer. As a result, I have not disappeared in the crowd, almost I met a lot of new people through original jacket… 😉



















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