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Our work is different than you can imagine. Life is about moments: Don’t wait for them. Create them! We don’t evaluating. We looking for unique experiences, the magic of the moment hidden in unusual places. It’s our job. And our passion. The places we visit are not assessed, we only describe what we feel being there to encourage you to visit them. Because we write only about places we have loved…

In the air you can feel the smell of hot chocolate, mixed with baked chestnuts sold on the street. Behind the corner, an older, elegant woman gives you a smile of warmth and peace. You are in a place with white color. Pure architecture combines here with sophisticated everyday life. You will not find the pizza shop next door. You will meet the best Italian restaurants in Europe. You will not buy a typical hotdog on the street. You will buy a roll with a real Austrian Wurst. If you are looking for the ultimate in entertainment, do not go to the nearby theme park on the Riesenradplatz. You’re going to Dominikanerbastei 17, where is waiting for you magic hidden in taste, in Konstantin Filippou. 

Not to big elegant space with a view into the restaurant’s very heart: the kitchen. From just about every table, you have the pleasure to watching Konstantin’s team creating culinary artwork.

The success of this place came from a unique personality …

Konstantin Alexander Filippou was born in Graz, Austria. He is the son of a Greek father and an Austrian mother. Absolutly exotic and amazing couple. Early driving forces for his future professional career were the multicultural marriage of his parents and the Mediterranean influence he has experienced since his childhood. He desires to reproduce all the tastes and palatable experiences he has discovered in Austria and the Mediterranean region. Now, Konstantin create magic on your plate, in great Konstantin Filippou restaurant.

The love of natural wines and the delight in the extraordinary have accompanied Filippou for  many years. With the determination and desire to explore the new, the  interesting as well as  the unknown, he has set out in search of those wines that are now enriching the O boufés  wine list. The project aims at giving impressive wines  a stage call as well as shining the light  on  new approaches to winemaking methods, while at the same time combining them with  superb bistro cuisine. „Our Bistro is o ur playground, a place for aficionados and an absolute  contrast to the restaurant. I am really delighted,” says Chef Filippou, who has transformed  the  new  space together with his wife Manuela , both of whom also  opera te the  bistro . O boufés has 40 seats, a small bar area and a patio during summer season . During the  reconstruction of the restaurant , Konstantin Filippou was once again supported by the  Carinthian architect Roger Karré. „With Roger Karré I once more had  the ideal partner to  guid e me professionally through the project and who  supported a s well as realized my ideas  and wishes,” says Filippou.


When we were looking for Dominikanerbastei 17, we met old man. Asking him for directions because we’ve lost, he told ,,ooh… this is so amazing plase, with a lot of secrets!”  We’ve smiled to ourselves, because we knew that must be adorable restaurant! And we were not wrong…

You can see so much art around you. Everyday. Everywhere.  
Just open your heart to the art and then you will discover her surprising depth. Konstantin Filippou is full of art place. Not because of the posters on the walls. Not because of artistic people like a guests. Not because of the interior. Because of art in your mouth. This is a culinary dance with one of the best chefs we have ever met. Every  bite is like a new story. New adventure. Real good taste is then, when after bite you feel so much thinks. One after the other. Magic combinations of the best earth precious. 

Our dinner lastest almost 4 hours. And you know what? We have no idea when it was! Time runs so fast when you feel great.

The most surprising was little sweet langusta. I’m dreaming about this taste every day.

And the most important from this adventure…. Konstantins Filippou marriage taught me somethink. Magic is in your hand, in your mind, in your dream. Magic inside you. Only what you need, that’s find it. Cooking is one of the most spectacular road to this. 

Manuela & Konstantin – Thank you for this great lesson!



Restaurant Konstantin Filippou
Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Vienna

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