Nobis Hotel: Luxury made in Sweden

Nobis Hotel offers an oasis of calmly luxurious Scandinavian design, on the heart of Sweden: historic Norrmalmstorg Square in Stockholm. A majestic lounge with 25-meter ceilings is situated in a vast 800-square-meter public space. This is the best hotel for a romantic getaway deep into Europe. Read why…


Housed in two historical buildings from the 19th century, this boutique hotel in Stockholm’s central business district has rooms and suites that call to mind a private home where cherished objects are collected over a long period of time. The mellow color scheme provides a calm and sophisticated atmosphere, and acts as the perfect backdrop to the individually chosen furniture. All rooms have either Stockholm city views or views of one of the hotel’s beautiful courtyards. The rooms have free access to high-speed WiFi and a multimedia system with a library filled with complimentary films and music.

Colors throughout provide a soft backbone to furniture and people, with plenty of grays and brown. In the guest rooms, soaring ceilings offer a sense of the building’s history, while all the materials—native woods, zinc and even rusted iron—gain an embellished patina that improves with age. The Nobis Hotel Stockholm is a destination venue that feels luxurious while at the same time low-key.


Multidisciplinary designers Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune are wowing the design world with everything from furniture and home accessories, to carpets and standout properties such as Nobis Hotel Stockholm, which pops with color, form, and the unexpected.

Swedish architectural firm Claesson Koivisto Rune, known for its clever product designs and savvy solutions, has instilled a special atmosphere in these grand 19th-century former residential apartment buildings. A cathedral-like lounge with soaring ceilings topped by two glass domes covers a vast public space, which invites guests to linger and locals to stop in.


The driving force behind many of Stockholm’s top hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs isn’t Swedish at all. It’s Italian-born Alessandro Catenacci – man who inspires awe. As he stands at the helm of a Scandinavian hospitality empire that he’s spent over 30 years tweaking into evermore perfection, Catennacci is as irreverent as ever: “I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘Am I really good at anything, or was it just luck?’” Despite five top-tier hotels, world-class restaurants, and nightspots in his home city of Stockholm, one hotel in Copenhagen, and more in the making, Catenacci exhibits an ease that makes his success look as if luck were indeed a factor. Actually, his success is the result of a long-term vision, hard work, and an intuitive business sense. His company philosophy, in many ways, combines the best of his Italian heritage—a heady approach to fine food and a keen eye for quality—with the utmost in Scandinavian understatement.

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