Oltre il Giardino – Your secret place in Venice


Here you have no idea where the city ends and where the hotel starts… The garden, with its olive trees, magnolia and pomegranate, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Once you know the history of this place – you will go to sleep enchanted.

Alma Mahler – a young lady of admirable beauty, who was dedicated to music and courted by numerous viennese artists including Alban Berg Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Adolf Loos- discovered Venice in 1897, on her first trip to Italy accompanied by her parents and Gustav Klimt (another artist madly in love with her) on the occasion of Arturo Toscanini‚s concert performance.
Only in the summer of 1922 did she return to the city for a lengthy sojourn, she decided to buy a house, situated near the Basilica dei Frari and belonging to the Soranzo family.
One day while walking, she met Oscar Kokoschka, a previous lover whose amorous story began after the death of her first husband Gustav Mahler and was abruptly interrupted in 1915 when she married Walter GropiusI met Kokoschka by chance…he is strangely near and far to me… 
After Kokoschka’s departure, Franz Werfel, a man 11 years her junior, joined her in this romantic city. They meet in 1917 and married in 1929. Venice became for Alma a refuge:

February 1928: I arrived yesterday. Venice! I live in my house. My house built from nothing, a sum of money that never worried me…if I sold it now I would gain a hundred thousand lira, a sum with five zeros. In exchange though, my universe would vanish and I would only have a few zeros more.

It’s only a part beautiful history of this place. Oltre Hotel is like a bottle with secret strawberry juice. Taste, fresh, romantic,  unusual every year. Located in the heart of Venice, just a stone’s throw from the Church of the Frariand the Scuola Grande di S. Rocco. Positioned in a quiet and historical area of the city, where by foot one may easily reach principal areas of interest in Venice. The Sestiere of San Poloreceives its namesake from Campo San Polo, the second largest campo after Piazza San Marcoand the geographic center of the island.


Strolling through the alleys and campos of the historic center, one arrives in a few minutes time at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, the Rialto Bridge and its Fruit and Fish Market, the Accademia Galleries, and crossing the Grand Canal, Palazzo Grassi.

Finding a hotel is not easy. You will not find a sign my dear. You will find a large door closed in the middle of Venice, through which nothing can be seen beyond the bell. And insight – unbelievable garden! Between venetian canals, with flowers and a path with real bamboo.

I love this place for the soul. for magic in every corner. For the smell of hot coffee in the morning. For the taste of sweet bread for breakfast. For the SILENT and for the noise just after opening the door of the garden. You have to feel it by yourself.

Ilaria & Lorenzo  Thank you!


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