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The end of the holiday season means for us the beginning. This is the beginning of planning new roads, new trips and new list of the best place in the world. Tomorrow is our 1st Wedding Anniversary. One day before the wedding we decided to create this website. So, it’s time to sum up our first, iEspressoLIFE year!

Since the beginning, in our plan was to compose a list of 100 the best places in Europe. Hotels, Restaurants, SPA Resorts and more. All tested and opinion given on the basis of our own experience. At that time, we met a lot of exceptional people, we had a lot of fascinating conversations, we saw the wonderful corners of Europe, experienced feelings that give the best hotels in European capitals.

In Budapest, invited us into their thresholds Hotel Corinthia  exactly the same, which was the prototype of the film – Grand Budapest Hotel. What I remember the most? The smell of lily flower around the hall, perfect chill music, one of the best room design, which I ever seen… And this perfect breakfast!


March was slightly warmer than January in Budapest. We had the pleasure to visit awesome Vouliagmeni in Greece with The Margi – The Hotel heart of this place. Sandstone-colored walls, the smell of oil, best Greenhouses  with spectacular oil tree in the middle, and – loud sound of birds in the morning. Priceless!


It wasn’t the only place to which we were invited this month in Greece. We also visited AthensWas Hotel – The most modern hotel in Athens, but also the best connecting historical culture with Fantastic architectural design with a view of the most important points of the city including the Acropolis. I remember the most champagne on the terrace, the most spacious interior room and everywhere present Greek history.


Next, we went on a trip to Italy. Le Sineruse Secret – picturesque hotel is a perfect combination of colors with the colors of the environment beautiful design. One of the best Italian experience, which can not be described in words. You have to experience it


But …. not only filled the hotels in this year.
We got to know the best flavors of the world!


MakBistro – the finest combinations of poppy what I ever ate! Heaven for everybody who loves sweets! TGItaliano on OKTÓBER 6. U. 8. Street in Budapest is one of three the best restaurant in Budapest. As long as there exist, TG entice famous people from around the world. Bestia in Budapest – place with the best meats in the world! Funky Gourmet – a new name of mystery. Definitely the best restaurant in Greece. ExMauri – since our visit in Milan, it’s not only the best restaurant in the city, but the place where we meet new, great friend! (Massimo – Thank You once again!)


One might say that we have spectacular life and spending time on journeys. The truth is that, we have very busy, active life in the heart of Warsaw. While working in other industries, studying,  live like everyone. We are not rich, and our trips to materialize just because it is a form of cooperation between us and the hotels / restaurants. That’s a lot of planning and effort telephone to discuss details, but at the same time the passion that unites us.

Thank you for letting us take you to all these places and see You here! 🙂

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