Black, Venetian Pearl – Palazzo Barbarigo

It is something more elegant than black, delicate fabrics and big windows overlooking  for the Grand Canal? I know, it sounds great… So today, I invite you to take a trip to our black pearl in the heart of Venice.

Do you remember Angelina Jolie’s dazzling, chocolate eyes in ,,The Traveler” movie, who won the accidental tourist Johny Depp? And the magic word „com with me” to take him to a never-ending, Venice trip? This scene reminded me as soon as I got out of the water taxi straight to the charming lobby of the hotel. Venetian mirrors are also located on the ceiling, and the entrance is available in two ways – by a boat, under the front of the main entrance or … a dark tunnel between the narrow buildings at the back of the hotel, from the „city inside”. Incredibly hidden, charming and mysterious. These interiors are full of sweet mystery!

Elegant furnishings and original 16th century elements make Palazzo Barbarigo a unique hotel in Venice, where a refined setting and all the most modern amenities will make your stay an esclusive and unforgettable moment.

Parisian note, southern style and a bit of Versailles. This presents each of the 18 rooms of the Hotel.  All intimate rooms and junior suites at Palazzo Barbarigo are located on the two floors of the palace and overlook the Grand Canal or the Rio San Polo. The roomy interiors are decorated in art déco style, balancing the spirit of the city with the romantic hotel location. Looking at the particular corners and objects it is possible to recognize a balanced search of materials, shapes, colours, completely overrun with the vibrating Venice atmospheres.

This will makes you feel as if you were in a 40’s movie
where the scenography seems to be absolutely perfect.


Is very unique on this place. Morning looks like the French kiss – dark, romantic rooms are difficult to wake you up. If you allow it – Through the window into the room you get a gentle sunbeam that blossoms your cheek at dawn. Breakfast is a treat. And it’s really impressive – you can eat when you would like to! There is no definite breakfast time as in the other hotels. The time in this hotel is your big precious. You do not see the menu card, you do not order anything. Breakfast is a symphony of tastes, especially on the beautiful terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. Fresh fruit, cold meats, fragrant bread, sweets, everything given on your own table – you don’t have to go to the open bar. How do you know what you want if you do not try it, right?

Cappuccino in Palazzo Barbarigo is not a coffee. It’s a feelings. Prepared with passion, in this interiors taste better!

Finally the charm of the night – my favourite part of day. Shining water outside the window, Gondolier songs, wind noise rolls the curtains… All senses go crazy in this place. All these elements cause that the Palazzo Barbarigo is like big, black pearl, like the beating heart of the city. Hidden, stunning and unusual.

If you ask the owners about the „mysterious gondola for 2 euros” – You will hear from them a surprise. I will not tell you more – you have to feel the magic of this place by yourself…



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