Life on the boat – YACHT BERT VENEZIA

Yacht Bert is the first floating „cultural host” of the Serenissima.
Eccentric and almost „borderline”, this Maltese shuttle of 30 mt is proposed, thanks to free-flowing messages, as a port of creativity and visions.
An ancient dialogue, that of the „water” element, which has always been able to convey the stories and feelings of all those who, thanks to it, are „finally come” or „just left”. For me it was a complete novelty. Noise in the head – this time not by prosecoo, but by waves during sleep. Unforgettable memories….

Mariavittoria has traveled the world from an early age and has decided to change her everyday life to permanently settle on the yacht. Yacht Bert is the first „floating” host of Serenissima culture. This 30 meter Maltese transporter is not only a luxury yacht, but also a home for Ricardo and Marivittoria, who have decided to sacrifice their city life – sea adventure.

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VENISSA Wine Resort – The wine mystery


Inside the walled vineyard of Venissa, just steps away from the Michelin starred Ristorante and the more casual Osteria, among green vines and the waters of the Venetian Lagoon… There is a place with golden grapes and Golden taste. Try to imagine a white wine that tastes like red… Real gold on the bottle…. 

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5 the best Streets in Barcelona

BeFunky CollageBBB

I remember being a bit frustrated when I went out at night. I’d heard all about how lively it was, but wandering around the streets of the Gothic Quarter, I saw lots of people who seemed to be going somewhere, while I kept coming across streets full of closed-up shops.

I felt like all those cool “somewheres” must be just around the corner, but I was just missing them…

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