LOVE according to Que Tal By Stena – Gran Canaria


Puerto de Mogan. Silent night and magic, hot air. This town is full of love every day.  In the restaurant there is already buzz and noise, which we observe from the side. There is no end to smiles and jokes – You want to go inside right now. We must hurry. The dinner starts at 20:00 after that time no one will be able to enter the restaurant that day.

Insisting on his „Loves Menus”, the famous Stena Petersen, nominated for the best chef in the Canary Islands, has made his house the home of everyone. In his small and elegant place his European customers reserve religiously and their tables fill up. Dining at „Qué Tal” is a trip for the senses, a gastronomic show where Stena and his staff offer an amazing tasting menu that leaves no one indifferent. It is lived as a family dinner, the dishes are cooked in front of the client, everyone eats the same. You arrive at 20:00 and the dessert is served at 23:00. On the menu there is foie, caviar, crab, duck, Iberian prey … chocolate to finish and everything is paired with the best white, red and champagne wines. Fantastic Signature Cuisine… but you know what? You can fall in love here…


,,You are invited to relax and enjoy the food prepered with love and passion in our kitchen for your pleasure.
We aim to present You with an interesting combination of flavours servd for you in a relaxed, homely atmosphere.
“Mi casa es tu casa”

At Que Tal by Stena, we have an elegant and clean menu. We are serving a set five course menu and we offer a selected wine menu
to complement each course that we serve, to make your dinner experience as pleasant and embracive.
Our dinner service start at 20.00 for all our guests. We like to put on a little show, where the food will be prepared
and plated in front of our customers. We only do one seeting per day to ensure our customers the best experience possible.
We love what we do and we hope you love it too!
See you soon!”


You’ll find this place easily in the heart of Puerto de Mogan, Local 101, 35138 Mogán, Las Palmas


This place is filled with love. Between the owners you can see happiness, joy, love… This is not a fake atmosphere. It’s real. It’s magic. In a place that is also home to the Stena family, is located one of the best restaurant of the island too. This restaurant offers much more than food, it is a whole dining experience. The service is definately the best of Gran Canaria.  If you are around Puerto Mogan don’t miss it!