Borgo means a small spot of Italy…. in Vienna!

Now when we are in Italy, we admire the cuisine of this country. Each piece of the city carries the scent of bread or fresh fruit. Fresh crabs – because it is their time or wine ripening in Tuscany sun. Today, when we think it’s the only so delicious place on earth, our friend reminded us – This magic of Italian cuisine is unusual. Not a place. We thought back to Vienna…  Benvenuti at Ristorante „Al Borgo”!  Italian taste in heart of Vienna.

Between St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the city park houses a unique restaurant. Chef and his team prepare delicious Italian specialties, with real passion and craftsmanship.

Whether the evening by candlelight or sunlight during the day, they pay attention to your culinary convenience six days a week. In very special atmosphere, their complete comfort and modernity.

,,Borgo means a small spot of Italy – a place where people meet and clocks are going a little slower. Our cuisine is influenced by the traditions of different italian population groups, that influenced the course of history from past to the present day”

The secret of the restaurant is seasonality. Chefs gets only fresh products, popular for the prevailing season. Due to this mix their prepare both innovative and classic dishes. They are always trying to present the best Italian food and what a surprise –  They create spectacular flavors of well-known elements.

Italian cuisine contains the best from nature. The health and taste of it is derived from knowledge, experience and passion for cooking known only to Italians.

Carlo Barelli creates the atmosphere of a restaurant with passion and commitment. When we sat down at the table: Firstly, we were sure that the restaurant that’s one family, secondly – the atmosphere was truly Italian! In this serious, pure and sometimes devoid of the taste of Vienna city.

Carlo is a genius, a true Italian who opposed Viennese gravity. No matter where you are right now, it is important that your job is your vocation, passion and happiness. If it is – effects looks like that. Like at this place. El Borgo. And taste like that.  Thank you Carlo for these experiences.

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