Sleep with Warhol or dine with Hirst: ALTSTADT VIENNA

Like all the other reviewers, we loved the classy yet funky european interior with vibrant art pieces. We appreciated the thoughtful little touches – the fresh peony, the apples and sweets, the chocolate wafer upon check out. sporeantraveller. But what this hotel offers is much more than convenience.


Sleep with Warhol or dine with Hirst: Luxury hotel wooing guests with priceless art!

Yet hotels are never really like home – and not just because you imagine all the guests who have been nude on that bedspread you’re sitting on. Mostly, it’s because of the art on the walls. Beds are beds and showers are showers but art is not always art, even if you’re supposed to believe it is.

You can sleep with Andy Warhol…

…or dine with a Damien Hirst. Perhaps you would like to undress in front of a Picasso. For a few days, you can live surrounded by great, priceless art… There is such a place, other than all. The Altstadt Vienna houses a considerable collection of contemporary art. Whether on loan from big museums or owned by Otto E. Wiesenthal,  the works by Warhol, Niki de Saint Phalle, Prachensky, Leibowitz, Attersee, Helnwein et al. have 3 things in common: They inspire. They allow you to dwell in the moment. And pose questions. For us, this is what makes good art.

From paintings and photographs to sculptures and furnishings: Over 300 artworks are spread out through the rooms of the Altstadt Vienna. These include pieces by Arne Jacobsen, Ray and Charles Eames, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Markus Prachensky and Andy Warhol.

„Behind our artworks and designer rooms stand creative forces with a strong personality, interesting people who inspire, and who set things in motion. How do we define good art? Good art poses questions. Good art inspires. And good art allows you to dwell in the moment”, states general manager Philipp Patzel, explaining how the designers and artworks are chosen. In addition, the hotel offers space for external galleries to show their artists. In the corridor between the Lena Hoschek Suite and the Bösendorfer Suite, guests are able to admire large works by Austrian Michael Bachhofer, curated by Galerie Reinthaler.

The Viennese Lifestyle

The rooms and suites of Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna are diverse and unique. Designed by world-famous architects like Matteo Thun or contemporary fashion stars such as Lena Hoschek, no living space is like another. Yet all have one thing in common: that famous Viennese „Gemütlichkeit”.

I would like to show you only o part of Altstadt rooms collections. For me, it was a great joy to discover every new room. I can not take you this surprise!

Making others happy is the highest form of happiness

Behind every success are people. I’ve to say, I have never seen before such exceptional support for employees as at this hotel. A business is only as good as its employees allow. Your service team is expected to radiate sincerity and readily give its best. It is for this reason that they see people as a whole, and incorporate all aspects of what goes into making a pleasant workplace in the way we treat them and one another.

The benefits Altstadt offer their employees include a cook who prepares a healthy daily meal just for the Altstadt Vienna Team. And who bakes cakes for our guests on the side. The meal is an opportunity for pleasant exchange, just like at home. Drinks and snacks are always at no charge to them. In addition, hotel employees receive a free monthly pass to use on Viennese public transportation, which is also kind on the environment. The smile of your employees is the smile of your customers. Bravo!!! 


They really love art! (How we do:)

Because it inspires us, unsettles, causes us to ponder, Because it brings us together with exciting personalities, Because it as diverse as the Altstadt Vienna and its people. Otto E. Wiesenthal has put together a unique art collection over the years, which you can marvel at, or question as you roam the hallways or rooms of the Altstadt Vienna.

 Be they works by acclaimed artists such as Warhol, Leibovitz, Gironcoli, Kusama, a focus on Austrian art with pieces by Prachensky, Hundertwasser, Helnwein, Mühl, Attersee, R.C. Andersen, or up-and-coming artists such as Iris Kohlweiss, Torsten and Peter Rühle, Clemens Wolf, Alfons Pressnitz, Alex Ruthner, Robert Muntean as well as Merlin Kratky – they are all united beneath the umbrella of „good art”.

 Just as are the design lifestyle masterpieces from Matteo Thun, Dietrich Untertrifaller, Polka, archisphere and Lena Hoschek. What do they all have in common? They are building blocks for what only people are capable of creating: The Art of Hospitality. More you can find here >>> 

But how it all began?

Built in 1902 in the so-called “Ringstrasse Style”, the house at No. 41 Kirchgasse was originally a city palais of an industrialist under the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. He was the owner of one of the biggest firms manufacturing sanitary fixtures and used the palais in order to exhibit his products.  In the 1950s, the building was home to Pension Bellaria. In the last few years before the opening of the Altstadt Vienna, the house was inhabited by emigrants from Russia, who were in Vienna to obtain exit papers to travel to the USA, Canada or Israel.

In 1991, Otto E. Wiesenthal discovered the then vacant business. After years as a traveling businessman, and having spent countless nights in faceless hotels, he felt a need to create a refuge where, even far from home, guests could feel completely comfortable and at ease. He remodeled the guest house into the Altstadt Vienna, with 24 rooms at that time. „A home away from home” was one of his first, very apt slogans.

To that point, Wiesenthal had been a manager in the computer, banking and automotive sectors, though had always nurtured the dream of operating a hotel, one where he could also house his extensive collection of paintings.

In the course of time, the hotel grew to 45 rooms and suites, and today serves as a gathering place for art lovers, the music scene, as well as individual travelers, all of whom are in search of a house with character and extraordinarily good service.

It is people, after all, who shape the character of this house. Be they regular guests, colleagues or friends. In order to express our wholehearted esteem, we frequently dedicate rooms at the Altstadt Vienna to them – Helga’s Room, Lisa’s Salon, Harry’s Home, Robert’s Place, Diana’s Apartments … They all represent special personalities and the stories which bind the Altstadt Vienna to them. Who knows, perhaps the next nameplate will bear your name?




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