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Kanonicza 22. This address describes the most beautiful apartment in Krakow, with the best view for Wawel and private jacuzzi inside. For this phenomenal bathroom full of live orchids, round bed and „old Krakow” elements woven into the most modern design. What else is hidden inside this place?

Heart. Strong, beating the sound of the bell in the Basilica of Wawel, surrounded by a mild mist in the morning. Kanonicza Apartments are like the heart of Krakow’s cultural heart. Hidden, inaccessible at first glance, located in an unusual historic tenement house, on Krakow’s oldest street. The 14th century architecture combines here with a luxurious interior. We completely turned in the „Imperial Suite”  one of the three, which differ not only from the decor but also from the atmosphere brought here by the owners.


Maintained in a white tone the apartment occupies the highest level of the building. An open interior with a separate living room, a bedroom with a round bed (with the most delicate linen I have ever seen!) And a working corner.
Contemporary design elements combine perfectly with the historic details of the decor, creating a timeless interior to suit most demanding guests. Daytime lighting in the bathroom gives you the perfect environment for orchid farming. Such a unique arrangement is a fairy tale for the senses, but the uniqueness of the apartment offers a bit higher …
Curved wooden stairs lead to inconspicuous doors. Once you open them, you see the next steps, this time the stone, and just above them an extremely low ceiling. Just suddenly, at the touch of a switch, you begin to understand the meaning of its existence. ? Your private terrace, without the unwelcome presence of the neighbors, with the Jacuzzi, candles, the smell of fresh flowers, and the view of the Cracow skyline, especially the Royal Castle, opens to your eyes.
The charming roofs of townhouses and fog at dawn make for such moments worth not squint. The quintessence of the Krakow spirit is located here, at the foot of the Wawel Hill.



Connoisseurs taste this restaurant does not have to introduce. For those who seek unforgettable culinary experiences, this place should become an obligatory element on the map of Krakow. I started my tasting journey with breakfast overlooking the street bustle and pianist music nearby. The perfectly baked omelette, with fresh vegetables and rosemary was one of the best I’ve ever tried. Perfectly delicate, expressive in taste, and so beautifully presented. What also drew my attention – here, in the restaurant „Under the nose” (ENG) I tried miraculously crisp bread with thyme. I had a taste of it when I traveled to Italy and since then no bread has been able to match that. Until that day. My attention was also paid to dipping – where one can look at porcelain in the same patterns, perfectly matching the historic history of the building. The success of the restaurant is based on small details and they represent a whole range of culinary surprises.
Grzegorz Piskorz, the hotel manager, and The guard of the good taste of the Restaurant showed us the „interior” of the Hotel. The vineyard hidden in the basement is a delight to the palate, even if you do not like the alcohol. The richness of flavors offered by the Restaurant consists in the assortment of only the best wines as well as the production of their own tinctures. Curry from the restaurant „Under the nose” is a mandatory item when visiting this place.


The actor particularly liked the style of the „Królewski” apartment. Preserved in a dark tone, without the interference of daylight, the interior of the Hotel is located on the first floor of the building. The name of the apartment is not accidental, owing it to the original preserved polychromes and the historic ceiling from 1688. Slightly dark, combining two tons of velvet – red and black with boutique art deco furniture, the key attraction is a unique, massive four-poster bed. Ideal for those who value privacy in a luxurious style as well as for fleeing tourists who find comfort in an elegant, exceptionally spacious heated bathroom.
Oriental style presents third, „Prince” suite. Finished with tropical green indie marble, soft, heavy curtains and velvety fabric furniture interior is a treat for lovers of long distance travel. Golden elements give delicacy, while Far Eastern carpets covering the wooden floor raise the prestige of the apartment, giving it the original character. The whole design complements tapestries in historical, Cracow designs.
Our photojournalism does not reflect the magic of the hotel. Especially I recommend you to drink strong coffee in this beautiful, porcelain and enjoy it on the terrace of the highest apartment. The sound of the bells of the Wawel Basilica combined with the urban silence at dawn will build in your memory unforgettable memories worth every price.

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