Sleep in Hermes color – The Guesthouse Vienna

“I WANT TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I BELIEVE GOOD DESIGN CAN IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF PEOPLE’S LIVES.” /SIR TERENCE CONRAN.  “Be a guest in your own house” – this is the philosophy of The Guesthouse Vienna. This hotel concept enables people visiting Vienna to feel as if they were in their own home – giving them the chance to experience the proverbial “Gemütlichkeit” or “chillaxed” atmosphere of the Austrian capital. HOME. HONESTY. HERITAGE…

Why Hermes? The hotel is dominated by two colors of details. Tiffanys Mint and Hermes orange. The minimalist interiors are full of surprises. The hotel currently has an amazing PR manager – Mrs Denise Blindhofer.  Also thanks to her, every moment in the hotel is unforgettable.

At The Guesthouse Vienna you can welcome guests to your room for coffee or dinner just like at home, invite business partners to negotiate in a quiet and sophisticated environment or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of the city. Drinks from the bar in the room and an espresso machine are available to each guest. Admit that you have not met with this before…
Located between the State Opera and beautiful Stephansplatz, right next to the world-famous Albertina museum. It is the ideal starting point for strolls through the city and visiting Vienna’s hotspots. The combination of a private atmosphere with high quality and a sense for urban trends makes it the ideal place for people who prefer to be friends and residents of the city and not just tourists.

The Guesthouse Vienna differentiates itself from other hotels
very pleasantly with its philosophy of
“feeling home away from home”.
The quiet and elegant language of shapes spoken by the furniture provides all
the comfort required by guests with high expectations.


The Guesthouse Vienna is run by Manfred Stallmajer, an experienced and successful hotel manager. He showed his great expert knowledge while working at Hotel Triest, which became the city’s insider hotel tip under his management. He also has been running Café Drechsler for many years, a meeting point for artists, journalists, bohemians and people of creative nature. Stallmajer knows what guests with high expectations desire.


The modern room design at The Guesthouse Vienna originates from the creativeness of British designer Sir Terence Conran + Conran & Partners. It combines trend awareness, comfort and functionality into a style found consistently throughout all the rooms. The entire furniture was custom-made and fitted to The Guesthouse Vienna living concept.

Elegant furniture with beautiful shapes and made of high-class materials – they do not need any decoration – form a harmonious image and highlights the stylish atmosphere. Particular attention lies on details and furniture pieces which where designed by traditional Austrian companies. Original design drafts were used in order to reflect the vanguard period of fin the siècle in Vienna.

All the rooms are equipped with Wittmann sofas designed by Soda Designers – Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner. The rooms facing the Albertina feature cantilever chairs by Friedrich Kiesler – a design from 1930 – produced as a limited special edition by Wittmann. There are 25 chairs from this series to be found at The Guesthouse Vienna. The chairs in the brasserie are by Oswald Haerdtl. He assisted Josef Hoffmann as a supply teacher at his masterclass at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and furnished the popular coffeehouse „Prückel“. All the brass features – the clothes hooks in the rooms, book ends for the small, but well-stocked library in the rooms and the coat stand in the brasserie – come from the studio of Carl Auböck, Vienna.

Wolfgang Zac is responsible for the photo-art project found on the upper floors and rooms. This series was shot exclusively for The Guesthouse Vienna at well known places in the city of Vienna.

Viennese classics, All-Day-Breakfast & Coffee at the Brasserie

My favourite part of this place. The in-house Brasserie & Bakery – in cooperation with Gragger, a bakery that uses wood-fired ovens – on the ground floor serves fresh, high-quality bread and bakery products for breakfast, which is available throughout the day. The coffee is a special roast and is made exclusively for The Guesthouse Vienna by Naber Kaffee.

Bread, bakery products and sweet treats are also sold over the counter. Moreover, there are crisp salad creations, such as The Guesthouse Salad, Vienna Salad or Burggarten Salad, various kinds of filled croissants and a fine choice of soups, main courses and desserts. Apart from that, the Brasserie & Bakery also offers a business lunch from Monday – Friday.

With high quality regional ingredients, the cooking is light and uncomplicated. Chef de cuisine, Markus Leitner, pays attention to tradition, whilst fusing with a contemporary interpretation of new flavour combinations.



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