What women want ? TG Italiano of course!

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What women want ? – is it possible to answer for this question? Is it possible to combine delicious Italian cuisine with Hungarian tradition? We found the answer in the heart of Budapest!

What women want ? We checked it on a rainy january evening, while we were invited to the unique TG Italiano Restaurant, in Budapest. After a visit to this place, we have become fans of the restaurant favored by celebrities from around the world… Come with us!

What does every woman want? Yes, a life of her own! Seemingly mundane activity that is eating takes an average of 60% time of your all life. You can spend an hour to eat on the run, at random place or as usual at home. You decide how spend your precious time and maybe you would like to give it to the place, whose memory will stay in your heart for longer?

TG Italiano on OKTÓBER 6. U. 8. Street in Budapest is one of three the best restaurant in Budapest. As long as there exist, TG entice famous people from around the world.

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3 words what women want the most and what you can find in TG Italiano:

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You know the feeling when something excellence, like the best chocolate melts in your mouth? Goose liver marinated in Tokaj wine with caramelized figs, is the best dish how I ever eat in my life! perfect mousse mined the depths of flavors, stimulates the senses and certainly surprise you!


The stylish interior, dark lighting and romantic atmosphere. Guaranteed privacy and the calm, even if inside is so many guests.


The range of flavors is endless. But there are some, which we still remember to this day: Cold braised veal breast with creamy tuna sauce, red tuna carpaccio with tuna cream and capers or minestrone with green ravioli stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and lobster.

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Somebody said, that behind every successful person stand another people… And that is true. But largely, you have to remember, that you are responsibility for your happiness and your own life.

Good plan for time of your day, can give you a great experience for free!

Ok, this article is about the restaurant. But we want to show you how much fun can give you food!  We want to advise you the place, you have to visit while in Budapest. TG Italiano is on our ,,the best list” and hope – in future, on your will be too:)

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